Depending on the form of VDR you select, it may be qualified to record info from a range of detectors on board the ship. This data can be retrieved and applied to a variety of ways. In addition to being capable of record a great incident, a VDR can easily be used for team training, preventive maintenance, and heavy weather conditions damage analysis.

A VDR is a great industrial-grade computer that is used to collect info from many different sensors in your ship. After that it encodes the information and stores it within a protected storage space unit. The protected storage area unit is generally located in a deck-mounted protective pills. This capsule is designed to hold up against shock and deep ocean pressure.

A VDR needs to have by least half of the day of documenting capacity. It may also be qualified to retain the data for at least two hours in the eventuality of an emergency. It will also have a health-check feature to advise you to virtually any issues with the system.

A VDR should be able to retailer the most important info items like the ship’s placement, navigational data, engine orders, and other relevant information. It should also be competent to store the ship’s planning and depth under the keel. It should as well store the ship’s rate, the main alerts, and water tight status. It will also be in a position to provide hearable and video or graphic alarms any time a fault arises.

The VDR system are often equipped with backup applications. It may also have a sensor software unit that delivers additional type lines to the concentrator.

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